See BIG.

Do you search for a bigger view of things to gain wisdom and become the best version of yourself? Me too. I love connecting with people across identity barriers and applying insights that make me a better human. I want to share my discoveries with you and learn from yours.


Digital Docu-Series

One Iraqi family is redefining "refugee."

When We Were Apollo

Feature Documentary (2019)

Dream big. Work Together. Do the impossible.

The Human Expansion Co.

Production Company

Producer for branded and documentary content.


I’m a video producer and conflict resolution expert working to increase understanding across cultural barriers. I worked for years in the Middle East and Latin America supporting grassroots development (fluent in Iraqi Arabic and Spanish), led advocacy programs in Washington for the largest US network of international peacebuilding organizations, and created content to transport you into someone else’ shoes. I studied social conflict and peacebuilding at Notre Dame University. I live in Los Angeles with my wife Megan and son Striver.


If you need a reliable Producer, Editor, Field Magician (especially for shoots in Arabic and Spanish-speaking locations), AC, Grip or PA, give me a call. No job is too big or too small. I also offer expertise in conflict dynamics and best practices for working with non-fiction subjects and locations, as well as policy advocacy strategy.


PHONE:  202-821-5331