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Do you want to know more about another person or culture?

Do you search for a bigger view of things to gain wisdom and become the best person you can be?

Me too!

My passion in life is connecting with people across cultures near and far, and discovering insights that help me be a better human.

I want to share my discoveries with you and learn from your experience. Let’s be in touch!

– John


Documentary Web Series

An amazing Iraqi refugee family redefines their life in America and with each other


I’m a peacebuilding specialist with a passion for using video and stories to reduce misperceptions between different groups of people. Over the last fifteen years I’ve lived and worked in the Middle East, Latin America and the U.S. on grassroots development programs; lobbied with advocacy coalitions in Washington, D.C.; and created video content to widen perspectives on important issues. I live in Los Angeles with my wife, Megan, working on film projects and improving my skills as a Producer. I studied conflict and peacebuilding at Notre Dame University. I speak Iraqi Arabic and Spanish, which come in handy!

For content creators:

If you need a reliable Producer, Editor, Field Magician (especially for shoots in Arabic and Spanish-speaking locations), AC or PA, give me a call. No job is too big or too small.

I also offer expertise in conflict dynamics and best practices for working with nonfiction subjects and locations, as well as policy advocacy strategy.

EMAIL:  filson(at)

PHONE:  202-821-5331



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