I envision a future where seeking to understand strangers is the normal thing everyone does. Not having close friendships with people from other backgrounds is unusual. When grandpa says it shows weakness to acknowledge an opponent’s point of view, the kids think he’s old-fashioned. 

We can make understanding others a routine, pleasant feature of modern life. 


When people encounter others who are different and feel mistrust, I want them to feel curiosity instead. I am using CREATIVE CONTENT + SOCIAL CHANGE STRATEGY to make the discovery of other people’s worlds more fun and empowering. 

Content + Engagement

Good content doesn’t tell people what to think. I create media that opens a door to new perspectives with consideration of viewers’ world views. 

    • CONTENT is one layer of impact. It educates, inspires, and reveals simple ways viewers can use their gifts for positive change.
    • ENGAGEMENT is a second layer. From my background in social change strategy, I use the engagement created by the content to spark new initiatives offline that grow and ripple on their own. 

Sample Content:

Iraq in Los Angeles

  • VIDEO: (03:38) - Documents an activity in a public space offering free sodas as a visual comparison to the lethal gas canisters killing Iraqi civilians.
  • PLATFORM: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • AUDIENCE: Iraqis, Iraqi-Americans, Americans (non-Iraqi)
  • OBJECTIVES: 1) Give Iraqis and Iraqi-Americans hope, that they are not alone facing the crisis. 2) Give Iraqis an idea about American views/reactions to the crisis in Iraq. 3) Raise awareness among non-Iraqi Americans about the crisis.
  • STRATEGY 1 (Content):Viewers share and benefit from watching the video
  • STRATEGY 2 (Community Engagement): Original meme holding a soda can against your head (#IraqiSodaChallenge) is a Call-to-Action that creates a ripple effect
  • RESULTS: Over 900K views and 18K shares on Facebook. #IraqiSodaChallenge meme gained 10K+ unique user posts on Instagram, numerous new videos filmed by Iraqi protesters in Baghdad, and countless replications on every social media platform.

Content Styles

  • CREATIVE:   Highly produced, free form, artistic and experimental techniques
  • EDUCATIONAL:  Highly produced, instructional formats, presentation of ideas and information
  • VÉRITÉ:  Moderately produced, documentary-style, non-fiction footage of real people and events
  • VLOG:  Minimally produced, often self-shot, behind-the-scenes of John’s work and life



Young to mid age groups. Fun and upbeat content. Short-form mobile videos. Creative and Vlog styles. 


@John Filson

Professional and organizational audiences. Majority English-speaking with some Arabic. Videos, written articles, photos and shares. All content styles.



Mid- to upper age groups, mostly Arabic-speaking. Mid-length videos (3 mins), stories, photos, shares, events. All content styles.


@John Filson

Home for longer-length original videos, all content styles. General audience, Arabic and English-speaking. 



Behind-the-scenes work and life. Young to mid age groups, English + Arabic-speaking. Photos, stories, short videos. Vérité, Vlog styles.



Deeper dive interviews and topics. Long-form (20-40 mins) audio-only. English-speaking general audience. Features impactful individuals and change initiatives.


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