Let’s Work Together

Heart, tech and imagination can methodically dismantle macro misperceptions that lead to prejudice and harm. I am proud of the impact I am making with bridge-building content, and I want to take it to the next level.

I have an active community of 130K English and Arabic speakers on Facebook. I post videos that help them cross cultural barriers between East and West.

This bridge has been especially important since the start of peaceful protests in Iraq in 2019. My videos have been seen and shared by hundreds of thousands of people. They have sparked numerous spin-off events and campaigns. One young man told me: 

Iraqis are scared to tell their story in America. You opened an important door for us. Now we have no excuse for remaining silent.”

Ways to team up:

Draft pick

I would be thrilled to join your team or build a new program for the organization. I come with good reviews.

Applications: Project design, content strategy and production, audience engagement, outreach and organizing (offline), partner development, facilitation and training.

What’s in the box? Your new team member comes with:

  • More than a decade managing social impact projects in the US, Middle East and Latin America, including:
  • Five years leading policy advocacy initiatives in Washington, DC
  • Fluent Iraqi Arabic and Spanish
  • Subject expertise in conflict resolution and social change strategy
  • Film & video production experience from concept to marketing
  • Natural talent for outreach, organizing, teaching and facilitation
  • MA in International Peace Studies, Notre Dame University


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CV and references available. filson@johnfilson.com


Seed money can grow into real change in people's lives. Let's focus full time on better content and bigger impact.

Full-time focus means more, faster and better content, and greater capacity to support change initiatives offline. With increased time and budget, I can:

    • Collaborate with organizations and influencers, provide guidance on change strategy for community leaders, and cultivating partnerships.
    • Increase audience engagement. Each person’s participation matters in social change. I will be able to respond more substantively to inquiries, comments and messages.
    • Hire as-needed editors, designers, marketers and assistants to improve content quality and production speed.

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A lot of harm comes from misperceiving others. I use content + change strategy to help people to know each other better.
John Filson
Peace Educator